The Curse of the Blank Screen.


Something pastoral; a little sylvan relief from the seemingly endless grey that pervades the horizon. Unfortunately, I have a mind that veers towards the grey. Not that I’m a morose or pessimistic person…quite the opposite actually. Yet when it comes to the tales I tell, that is direction my thinking often takes me.

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Nick Sloane: Part Two


sloaneThis is the second part of the interview with Nick Sloane – please be aware that I haven’t edited/censored what he has to say IN ANY WAY, so those of you who know how he is and what he does will be more than familiar with the fact that his language can, at times, be a little ripe!

You can read the first part of the interview on the page Special Guests and the first Nick Sloane story appears in the book ‘Blind Cupid’, which will give you even more back-story to this fascinating and dangerous man.

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No Angel – However…

heartIt’s a relatively new source of amusement to me and one that is rapidly becoming a bit of a bug-bear. Now I know it’s pretty pointless getting worked-up about something over which you have no control, which makes it all the more frustrating when I come across promotions for books and play scripts that seem to have been thrown together with little or no thought to their content, their spelling or their overall appearance.

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