Going Slightly Off-Piste

Poster of OliverAs has been mentioned elsewhere on the site (love to be able to link you to it from here but, like you, I’m still finding my around!) my other passion in life is theatre, acting, writing plays…yes. That’s actually three, isn’t it? My three other passions in life are etc etc etc.  And my first full-length play, ‘Dominion‘, is due for publication in May, with the lovely folk at Magic Oxygen. (and as you can see, I’ve discovered how to link stuff! ). I’m currently chin-deep in rehearsing ‘Oliver’ at the moment, in which I’m playing Fagin…some would say type-casting, I would disagree…and it is just a huge amount of fun.

I spent a very large portion of my youth – and quite a lot of time beyond the youthful stage – fronting a rock band and now I have the opportunity to amalgamate two great loves: singing and acting. Although the singing aspect has taken somewhat of a backseat in recent years, I like to think that the voice is still able to cope with the demands of the part…but you’d have to ask the director if she agrees with that.

The last fifteen summers have been taken up with performing in, and helping to organise, Dartmouth Shakespeare Week, which is produced by the Inn Theatre Company, and helps feed my love of Shakespeare. Wouldn’t we all love to able to write like that? (Answers on a postcard…) It’s hard work but only goes to confirm my opinion that Will is written to perform not just to read. His words must be brought to life, presented to an audience with verve, enthusiasm and love the better to increase the understanding and enjoyment of his writing. It is so worth the effort; both in time spent rehearsing and watching a production.

Poster for Merry WivesAnd as you can see, the company are affiliated to the RSC and have been for the past four years. We have a fabulous relationship with them and hope to continue in that vein for many years to come. Tickets aren’t on sale yet but they will be soon…does a hint come any more subtle than that? Probably not.

Here’s the thing though: being involved with this company – or any theatre company for that matter – gives me the chance to not only experience other writer’s words but to see my own words interpreted by other people. It is quite a strange experience, seeing the characters that, up until a moment ago, were purely in your head, walking around, talking and being somehow different…but in a very nice way!

I hope to be able to bring some news quite soon about a new production of ‘Dominion’ that will celebrate not only it’s publication but also the lives of those fighting cancer.

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