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Cover of Blind Cupid with comment.It seems appropriate to start the entries on this brand spanking new website with a few words of thanks…it won’t turn into a gushy, Oscar-like acceptance speech so, please, stay right where you are!

Somewhere nestling within the cover of the book is a list of folk who have, in some way, been instrumental in helping me get this far. I also note that if I were to name-check everybody that fell within that category, the list would not only be endless but pretty much interminably boring! However, there are a couple of people I feel should be acknowledged right out front, in the public domain.

Over the years I have spent more time than is probably healthy sitting in stuffy rooms, poring over a sheet of paper filled with barely comprehensible hand-writing (this is in the dim and distant past of my youth) or staring blankly at an even blanker screen. I think every person who picks up a pen to write something, whether it be a memoir, a novel or some poetry, harbour a desire to be published. I will not listen to protestations on this score!

Now, thanks in the main to two people who took a punt on this, it has to be said, pretty dark and twisty story, I finally have a paperback book, with my name on the spine and cover, in my hands and out there for people to enjoy. So stand up and take your well-deserved round of riotous applause Tracey and Simon West. These two lovely people – and that’s all the gush you’re getting! – have stuck their necks out and worked tirelessly with someone who was, to say the least, a little nervous about the whole process. But I needn’t have been. Along with Izzy Robertson, my editor, the manuscript was manipulated, crafted and, in some cases, hammered into the shape you now, I hope, hold in your hands. And if it’s not in your hands, go immediately to the link on this page and grab a copy before they all disappear!

Some people might poo-poo the notion of marketing and trying to sell something when it is not available to the great book-buying public; their premise, or so it seems to me, is that it is the writing and story alone that should sell to the agent or publisher. I have to say, right here and now, that although I think the writing is should be excellent (no bias – honestly) and must be so to attract attention , if I hadn’t invested a little time and effort into making a promotional video for the book, I might still be cloistered in a stuffy room trying to get it out there…instead I’m cloistered in a stuffy room saying thank you! This is the video that helped – at least I think it did – Blind Cupid complete its long journey. The cover depicted in the film is a mock-up I cobbled together, just to give it some semblance of reality. The actual cover was drawn by my very good friend, Shaunagh Radcliffe.

End of BAFTA impersonations. Hope you’ll come back soon and catch up with everything that’s going on; and there will be a lot going on, not least of which will be the publication of my play ‘Dominion‘ (which you can read about on another page on this site, just click the title above) and the follow-up to ‘Blind Cupid’, working-title ‘The Blood-Dimmed Tide’. I hope to have an extract up here, somewhere, quite soon.!

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  1. Lovely words Max, it has been a pleasure working with you and we are so pleased with the result. We knew from the start that we had found a great story and your work will find the success it so richly deserves.

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