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psyche_and_cupidIt is a fact both annoying and satisfying in equal measure that writing a book and getting published is not where the story ends for the writer. If you’ve taken the trouble to go out and actively seek it’s publication then you are obliged to try and help with the selling of your tale. The satisfying part comes when, on your daily round of websites, you come across some fantastic reviews.

Of the people who have been kind enough to buy ‘Blind Cupid’, several have also been kind enough to leave 5 star reviews. Now you could go to my page on Amazon and read them in situ, but, because it’s good to share, I thought I would do just that here. Read on:

Format: Paperback

Max Brandt is another first time author, but you would never guess from reading his book. Blind Cupid is an intelligently written crime thriller, a harrowing story about a serial killer of children and not for the fainthearted. Written with care, with believable characters that are not what they seem; and a set of circumstances too horrible to believe.One of the characters completely fooled me, the authors early depiction was utterly convincing… the story twisted and turned, leaving me clueless until right at the end.
I really liked the clever ploy of using allegory to compare Greek legend and Dickens with different scenarios; it lifted this fascinating story into a higher intellectual realm.
A very visual story, painfully dark, but highlighting the real need for better care and supervision for vulnerable children.

I think a good book should do more than entertain or horrify. I found myself wondering why he chose to write it, and discovered that Max worked for ten years as a social worker. This says more about the system than I ever could.

Towards the end of the book, the detective in charge contemplates the case, calling it “the most bizarre, sickening and, ultimately tragic tale…” and he never said a truer word…

That, my friends, is what is great about having to do the trawling, the promoting, the bigging-yourself-up and so on. So as an addendum to my previous post, may I just say a heart-felt ‘thank you’ to everyone who has (or will) leave a comment and review. And tell me if you didn’t like it too; constructive criticism is the only way we will grow and improve…not only as writers, but as people too.

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