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The adventure is not yet over! Here is a short film from the last night of the ‘Dominion’ tour that we undertook in May and June of 2016.

In the process the play won the Swindon Choice Award at the Swindon Fringe Festival…thank you audience!

There are plans to tour this production again – still in their infancy – in the latter part of 2016.

Watch this space (and others!) for further news and developments. Enjoy the extracts and huge thanks to Trev Lewis at Traverse Productions for doing  such a great job. The music in the film, and the majority of the music in for the production, is original material written especially for ‘Dominion’ by the very excellent Ben Malley of Insonify

If you would like any further information about performing the play, please contact, in the first instance, the publishers Magic Oxygen

Visit Traverse Production’s Facebook page, to find out more about them, here.

If you want to know more about Max, have a look round here.

If you want to know more about Theatre Hub click the link.

DOMINION – available now!

dominion Cover 2Dominion is now available to buy and to perform. For more information go to the Dominion page. Published by Magic Oxygen.

Dominion won the Swindon Choice Award (voted for by the audience) at the 2016 Swindon Fringe Festival.

The Curse of the Blank Screen.


Something pastoral; a little sylvan relief from the seemingly endless grey that pervades the horizon. Unfortunately, I have a mind that veers towards the grey. Not that I’m a morose or pessimistic person…quite the opposite actually. Yet when it comes to the tales I tell, that is direction my thinking often takes me.

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Nick Sloane: Part Two


sloaneThis is the second part of the interview with Nick Sloane – please be aware that I haven’t edited/censored what he has to say IN ANY WAY, so those of you who know how he is and what he does will be more than familiar with the fact that his language can, at times, be a little ripe!

You can read the first part of the interview on the page Special Guests and the first Nick Sloane story appears in the book ‘Blind Cupid’, which will give you even more back-story to this fascinating and dangerous man.

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As We Fall.

Sunset in LuxorStraight off the camera, onto the page, direct from Luxor a few years back. Stunning sunsets and peace and quiet…but only when you stay within the confines of the hotel. Outside, in the hustle and bustle (hustle being the operative word!) of the town, it’s anything but peaceful! Whilst nobody threatens you, there is a distinct air of tension about the place.

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No Angel – However…

heartIt’s a relatively new source of amusement to me and one that is rapidly becoming a bit of a bug-bear. Now I know it’s pretty pointless getting worked-up about something over which you have no control, which makes it all the more frustrating when I come across promotions for books and play scripts that seem to have been thrown together with little or no thought to their content, their spelling or their overall appearance.

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Who Can Resist a Freebie?

Ad for competitionIf there’s one thing in the world that people find really hard to resist (I hope), it’s the chance of something for nothing.

As part of the (seemingly) interminable drive at self-promotion, book promotion and generally telling everyone how marvellous ‘Blind Cupid’ is*, here’s another chance for somebody to win a signed copy of said tome. (* I would add here that it is marvellous, but then, why wouldn’t I?)

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Going Slightly Off-Piste

Poster of OliverAs has been mentioned elsewhere on the site (love to be able to link you to it from here but, like you, I’m still finding my around!) my other passion in life is theatre, acting, writing plays…yes. That’s actually three, isn’t it? My three other passions in life are etc etc etc.  And my first full-length play, ‘Dominion‘, is due for publication in May, with the lovely folk at Magic Oxygen. (and as you can see, I’ve discovered how to link stuff! ). I’m currently chin-deep in rehearsing ‘Oliver’ at the moment, in which I’m playing Fagin…some would say type-casting, I would disagree…and it is just a huge amount of fun.

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Exciting Times!

psyche_and_cupidIt is a fact both annoying and satisfying in equal measure that writing a book and getting published is not where the story ends for the writer. If you’ve taken the trouble to go out and actively seek it’s publication then you are obliged to try and help with the selling of your tale. The satisfying part comes when, on your daily round of websites, you come across some fantastic reviews.

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I’d Like to Thank…

Cover of Blind Cupid with comment.It seems appropriate to start the entries on this brand spanking new website with a few words of thanks…it won’t turn into a gushy, Oscar-like acceptance speech so, please, stay right where you are!

Somewhere nestling within the cover of the book is a list of folk who have, in some way, been instrumental in helping me get this far. I also note that if I were to name-check everybody that fell within that category, the list would not only be endless but pretty much interminably boring! However, there are a couple of people I feel should be acknowledged right out front, in the public domain.

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